How To Become Fluent In Spanish | 3 Must Haves

Two attributes that a learner must have when it comes to learning a foreign language are: patience, and persistence. If you are REALLY curious as to how to become fluent in Spanish; there are three essential ingredients or “must haves” -along with patience and persistence, you will need in your endeavor. [Read more...]

How To Say I Love You In Spanish: 3 Ways


Hola! Well, everyone is wanting to brush up on their Spanish these days. Let’s face it, you’ve got to know how to say I love you in How to say I love you in SpanishSpanish. It’s a must have. Right? First of all, there are three ways to say: I LOVE YOU in Spanish. Here they are below:

  • Te quiero – \teh-key-edh-oh\ -there is really is no “r” ‘ruh’ sound in Spanish. So, this is how you would tell your brothers and sisters, closest friends and compadres that…. you love em’!
  • Te amo – \teh-ah-moh\ This expression is more for erotic or romantic love between lovers.  It is also used however, specifically for close family members like: your children, father, or mother when expressing your ‘deep’ love for them [Read more...]