How To Learn Medical Spanish Phrases Easily


I have heard it many times. “Dan, I really need to learn Spanish.” I get it a lot from my friends in the medical field. So, how do you learn medical Spanish phrases easily? Well, that can be a tricky question. According to research, you have to hear a word/phrase in a foreign language anywhere from 50-75 times in order to retain it in long-term memory. This is called ‘retention’. Simply clicking on audio mp3s, or looking at a list; is not enough to really “learn” or acquire the language. What a person really needs is real life scenarios that are meaningful and relevant to your field. If you are seriously wanting to better communicate with your Spanish speaking patients and increase your ability to converse, you can get a beginner Spanish crash course fully online right here for FREE. If you are looking for medical Spanish phrases, you can get a free online course for it here, -again for beginners, and get a FREE handy phrases checklist to put on your clipboards in the office. The medical Spanish phrases that I am speaking of are the ones for everyday communication (not medical technical terms) like:

Learn Medical Spanish Phrases

     Where are you going to find a resource that can teach you the medical Spanish phrases that you need? This is a tricky one too. The best possible answer it to receive LIVE! Spanish instruction that is a high intensity training course in the language. If that is not an option and you are looking for something you can do at your own pace and in the comfort of you own home; going with an online course is the best route to take. The online course that you choose to learn your Spanish medical phrases (if you want maximum results) should include the following:

  • real life stories or real life scenariosMedical Spanish Phrases
  • multiple repetitions of the targeted vocabulary
  • Spanish phrase vocabulary (not individual words)
  • pictures and visuals to assist with comprehension



     Many online platforms and software for Spanish learning can or cannot be effective. However, how relative are these courses to you and your field? This is a good question to ask yourself. Is the $100-$200 investment going to give you the results you REALLY need? If you are looking for an online course that is under $100 that is specific to the medical field and will get you the Spanish medical phrases you need to better communicate with you spanish speaking patients; I recommend this course that is available by pre-order here. 



Medical Spanish Phrases

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